How to load your kayak solo
... llo blog friends, i have a question: i want to know how is it possible to load a kayak on to mu suv solo, it weights 60 lbs and is 14 + feet and i'm only 5 ft tall plus i don't have much upper boddy ...
by celi
WTB new or well kept Wenonah Vagabond solo canoe in Royalex layup. Louisvil...
WTB new or well kept Wenonah Vagabond solo canoe in Royalex layup. Louisville, KY paddler.
by ron4735
WTB or try out: Micro Poke Boat, Old Town Otter, or other solo boat
I'm looking for a Micro Poke Boat, Old Town Otter kayak, or similar lightweight solo boat for paddling quiet waters and taking photos. Zoom photography requires a very stable boat, and my back would ...
by Gmann
Solo paddle for 14 canoe?
I've been going solo in a 14' open canoe for a couple of years now. In high wind or waves, I paddle on knee pads located just behind the center thwart. I still use my old stern paddle from before. In ...
by scott712
Can anyone tell me how to load my kayak onto my suv solo?
... derness tarpon 120, it's about 14 ft and i'm only 5 ft, i want to find a way to load it onto my suv solo so i can take it to the river, does anyone have any ideas on how to achieve this without ...
by celi
Solo rolling!
First year kayaker. Practicing rolls Anyone been working on rolling ??
by Gb63
Solo Vs tandem - pros and cons.
Hi I am thinking of buying 2 tandems or maybe a tandem and a solo for our family. 4yr old and 8 year old) The four year old can fit with me in the mean time if I by a solo, I really just wanted to ...
by Hattie
Hello, We have a Bulldog Whitewater solo canoe with en...
Hello, We have a Bulldog Whitewater solo canoe with endtanks. It was made by It is 10 ft long and weighs 45 lbs. Has a hatch in front and Mike yee outfitting Very ...
by Guest
Solo trip
I want to go on a solo trip for about 4 days in the spring. The purpose of the trip is to fish. I need some advice on packs, tent, food, etc. Is there a book on solo tripping. Thanks
by prasath
Solo Vs tandem - pros and cons.
Hi I am thinking of buying 2 tandems or maybe a tandem and a solo for our family. 4yr old and 8 year old) The four year old can fit with me in the mean time if I by a solo, I really just wanted to ...
by Hattie
Bell Crystal Magic kevlar solo canoe - SOLD
Please, remove this post. I don't see an option that allows me to delete it. Thank you.
by kayakbrian
A group or a solo kayaking?
A group or a solo kayaking, what do you prefer?
by jade
Atlantis 14 Kayak Solo
hi, i'm poze from kl, malaysia. i wanna get kayak pricing with international shipping cost to malaysia. where i can buy/review kayak online shop?thank you.
by poze_kl
Good Paddle for an Aire Tomcat Solo
Hi I am looking for a good Paddle for my new yak. It will be going on class 3-4 waters and I would like it to be in the $100-$150 range... Thanks in advance for your suggestions :)
by Stella
For solo paddling, what would you prefer - an Apache 15 or 1...
For solo paddling, what would you prefer - an Apache 15 or 16ft?
by Guest
Re: I have an older 13 foot kayak made by Phoenix. Some folks refer to it as Po...
This was back in the early 1980's. Phoenix had a whole line of boats -- all the creamy white "natural" color. And they were all the same price $240. I actually owned three of them: The Isere ...
Re: Best Intermediate Sea Kayak to purchase?
Try again, I just got 12 results :)
by TooTall
Re: MPH on a Kayak
I find a 6km/hr pace is one you'll not ever get tired at.If I'm paddling to actually get somewhere I cut down to 4:30/km....but I hate paddling fast anyway.Hence why I solo so much I guess.
by Abduk
A quick Rideau retreat
Paddling on the Rideau can be satisfying when you seek a quick getaway into nature while remaining not too far from amenities like flushing toilets and snack stops. On the lakes that form the upper ...
by kitchissippi
Trent-Severn Paddle and Pedal
... ared to a sit-in kayak, it is a bit clunky but much more stable, a cross between a sit on top and a solo canoe. I fitted it with a fork block and tested it with several bikes (I’m a touring ...
by kitchissippi
Breaking the Mold
As paddling becomes more popular - the look and function of self-propelled boats is widening. Here are a few variations on the theme. Hobie kayaks - They come ...
by hydrabadchick
Tips for paddling a Seewun
... d three of them: The Isere (modified touring model, 14.5' long, with a V-hull), the Seewun (the C-1 solo canoe I described), and a third, very fast one (whose name escapes me), which had an upswept ...
by Vale
Tandem, Kayaks that convert to single easily.
Hi I am looking for a tandem Kayak that will easily convert to solo. It will be used for fishing and carrying my 2.5 year old and wife, sometimes. Obviously, my main concern is safety and dryness. ...
by Phillip
Which canoe size is best for you?
A canoe does not need to match your height, if anything, it should match your weight. Actually, the intended load and the type of water you plan to run are the best determining factors for the ...
by sgbotsford
Re: I have an old kevlar black river canoe, it could use perking up in the pain...
Hi Jimmy, I'm kind of looking at buying a 17 ft Black River Canoe. When you said you won a race in Ohio, that caught my attention. I was wondering if you could tell me how good the quality is. ...
by LocoLoboChico
Re: Opinions on the Scott Trillium canoe?
... is fast for a 16 foot canoe, and tracks well. I like the long sliding bow seat that works well for solo use in reverse; though the long track is at expense of pack space. The seat hardware is slick ...
by Grinder
Re: Sportspal vrs Fiberglass
Hi, Old Town makes a 12' solo canoe, called the Pack. I own one and they are very light, made of Oltmar/Roylex, great for your fishing, easy to portage if needed. Old Town address is: ...
by Mirakopl
Trip Report - Paddles with Otters
Paddles With Otters, A High Water Mark The Silent Otters that is, as in the north Florida paddling club. We had the great fortune several years ago to make our ...
by gluxarewers
Re: Best weight-training exercise for kayakers?
The following is intended for canoeists, but should benefit kayakers also. - When one paddles, one is pushing the craft through the water by means of pulling the water back. The best way to replicate ...
by scott712
Re: Should the length of my canoe fit my height?
The question asked, was, "Should the length of my canoe be selected based on my height?" No, or at least I've never heard of such. If anything, it should match your weight, or rather the intended ...
by sgbotsford
Re: Old Towne 12 foot 3 years old, whats it worth.
Hello, I just bought a Old Town Pack 12' solo for $500 new.. I'm not sure how much canoes depreciate but I wouldn't pay more than 1/2 original price or less for 3 years of use.. I would also look and ...
by Bannon
Re: Taking the Kids Kayaking for the first time
... sharing the general age ranges of the prospective new paddlers. Is a tamdem Kayak involved or just solo kayaks? A touch more ...
by Amaknak
Rescued a novice kayaker who was about to drown after having flipped in his...
... out to drown after having flipped in his recreational kayak (similar to an Old Town Twin Otter, but solo). He was too tired to attempt re-entry, good thing I got some help from a boat passing by! It ...
by TooTall
Re: Value of (yes really)never used 2013 Current Designs Solara 120 composite k...
... ope to sell a used twice Wenonah Prospector 16 in Royalex then try to find a lightly used Vagabond (solo) canoe to replace it. The new Solara kayak & used Prospector should both be ...
by ron4735
Re: Sea Kayaks-Dangerous?
HELLO !!! I am a new member here ,and an "old salt"everywhere else,the Idea of kayaking is;1first learn to swim,2take classes
by gumby
Re: Using whitewater canoes on flatwater?
Generally speaking, the market has moved towards the use of specialized whitewater playboats that would be real dogs to paddle any significant distance. I've seen the trend in the canoe club (OYCCC) ...
by Lil`SciWizGirl
Re: Building Tandem Kayak (or triple)
Tandem or triple? I would build a tandem and then build a solo. This would give you more flexibility and also more room for your outings. As I'm typing, I am looking at a bird's eye view of the Pygmy ...
by myspacepro
Re: Canoeing club at Northern Virginia????
Hi. I haven't participated in a canoe club in, but often paddle from Riverbend Park on the Potomac. I was out this past saturday and the river was high--15000 cf/sec and flowing fast. ...
by gnisans
The Shallows
... n fortunate to get out on Lake Ontario behind our house twice in two days. Yesterday, I went for a solo paddle in an area I like to call "the shallows". It is a section of the lake that is very ...
by mgpierog
Re: Potomac River / Chesapeake Bay
A couple of years ago I was planning a paddle from Alexandria to the Potomac River’s mouth near Point Lookout State Park area. Unfortunately I messed up my shoulder and had to put it off. Still ...
by Daniel

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