Kayaking in and around Ottawa
Is there a site that describes all the area waterways and how to access them by kayak? It seems that all the sites are about white water kayaking. I'm into leisure kayaking and also fishing. I know ...
by Guy
Renting Canoes in the Ottawa area
As the subject says, I am looking to rent a canoe in the Ottawa area. I would like to be able to rent one for some weekend paddling, which will most likely be just flatwater. Are there any places ...
by Pr!nce0f4Mb3r
Ottawa river area Kayakers
Hi all I am a very active yaker,mostly around the Ottawa river.While I am not in Ontario I am kayaking in Newfoundland. Have become a big fan of the Ottawa just for it's histories,interesting stories ...
by Abduk
Ottawa River Rafting
Does anyone have any information they would like to share with me on White Water Rafting Companies on the Ottawa River? Any bad or good experiences with any of these companies? Is there any one place ...
by Messier13
Any active forums for kayaking in the ottawa area?
Just wondering. Im presently a newbie kayaker posted with the Canadian military in Virginia Beach, Va. Been kayaking since last September right after the hurricane came through. Just want to keep up ...
by Richie
Ottawa are childrens summer camp
Summer will be here soon enough...(though skiing is fantastic these days!!) I'm looking for information regarding children's summer canoe camps. I'd like a relatively structured course with emphasis ...
by Rayven
Wood strip in Ottawa
Hello Can someone help to fine good place for wood strips arround Ottawa? Thank you
by Hdamaall
Preserve the Ottawa River
There is a meeting being called 28 April 2001 (2:00 PM at Lakesides Gardens Community Centre, Britannia) to initiate the formation of a RiverKEEPER program for the Ottawa River. The hope is to ...
by groundtwelve
Need some info about kayaking around Ottawa
Hi, I will settle in Ottawa next week, for one year. I would like to know if the area is good for white water kayaking. 1-Is it possible to practise in winter (stupid question ?) ? 2-Is there a good ...
by Hecuba
Where can I buy paint for my fiberglass canoe in ottawa on a sunday?
Where can I buy paint for my fiberglass canoe in ottawa on a sunday?
by Guest
Am a newbie paddler in Ottawa. Does anyone know where to find paddle buddie...
Am a newbie paddler in Ottawa. Does anyone know where to find paddle buddies? I have taken the all day lesson and realize now that I need to find someone to go with. Thanks
by Guest
Ottawa river
Looking to do an expedition of the ottawa river from start to ottawa.Looking for info on the river once it passes pembroke and if their are prepared portages around th rapids,or if their are route ...
by Lee
Re: Lac Poisson Blanc - Access?
Lac Poison Blanc is quite easy to get to from Gatineau. Leaving from Ottawa: Take the Mackenzie Bridge, Take Highway 50 and turn off on the 307. (Formelly know as Boulv Archambeault) now know as ...
by Baidarka
Here's to a great summer
I've been spoiled by the early spring, and impatiently, I took out the kayak in late March, paddling among the melting ice floes. I always find it fascinating to witness the rapid changes between the ...
by kitchissippi
A quick Rideau retreat
Paddling on the Rideau can be satisfying when you seek a quick getaway into nature while remaining not too far from amenities like flushing toilets and snack stops. On the lakes that form the upper ...
by kitchissippi
I have an opinion because I actually own one. I think it is a great recreational Kayak for short trips. You are right on everything you seen about it in the reviews, it doesn't have a skeg attached. ...
by versoft
Re: My quirky canoe/kayak storage rack
I'm in Ottawa, lucky enough to live a few blocks from the river allowing me to paddle at a whim. It's a great river to live next to, isn't it?
by kitchissippi
Back Wallingford Mine.
Last September my daughter-in-law took me to the Back Wallingford Mine. This abandoned valspar mine is located in Quebec about an hour from Ottawa. We were there in September and the scenery and ...
by auntierain
Winter storage of canoe outdoors...
Well, it's getting to be that time. I haven't been in our canoe now for 2 weekends. There was ice forming in the inlets of the small lakes I was tripping. The winds of change have started blowing.. ...
by Ulster
Sailing Canoes/Kayks
Hi, Is anybody interested in canoe/kayak sailing? I've built my rig for the canoe last fall and already have been on the Ottawa river twice this month. Before trying it I was thinking nothing is more ...
by howard2
Re: Trailhead Canoes
The prospector shape is a great all round canoe. It particularly excels on a rough lake. We have 9 canoes between the two of us and if there could only be one it would be a prospector. The prospector ...
by Jijshphan
Re: Best Time Of Year To Buy Reational Kayak?
Well if you are in Ottawa you can check out Trailhead's used sale. But I suspect anyone who drinks Amstel Light not to be from around here!
by Mirakopl
Re: Need advice on canoe repair
If you get stuck and you are in the Ottawa area, Ottawa Valley Canoe (if memory serves me well) at Kinburn does a good job with kevlar canoe
by David McCormack
Re: Fiberglass Canoe repair and paint ?
... tawa in Antrim. Seem like good people.If your planning on taking it elsewhere in ottawa drop me a private message.I will not bad mouth business on a forum setting.However I have ...
by Abduk
Electric motor on canoe
Hi all, I'm thinking about using an electric trolling motor with my canoe (12ft, 65lb) to enhance my fishing excursions. I'd be interested in hearing the experiences of those who have employed this ...
by RichardR
Re: Sportspal vrs Fiberglass
I see you're from Ottawa (I Kanata ehhh I mean Ottawa doh) any idea where and how much? Thanks, Boomer
by richk
Canvas for Canoe?
I'm looking to purchase a few small pieces of canvas for repairs to my cedar/canvas canoe.Any ideas in the Ottawa area?
by Ulster
Re: Erie Canal — what are the most interesting parts to paddle?
Thanks for the tip, I'd like to see some industrial heritage aspects of the canal along with the nature and wildlife. I'm thinking about doing an extended tour, towing my kayak with a bike ...
by kitchissippi
Re: Anyone interested in a Christmas morning paddle possibly the...
I would enjoy the risk espically if it's calm that morning my friends paddle in Ottawa year round whitewater though but they seem to enjoy it a full dry suit works alot better in that kind of water ...
by Lincoln
Re: Outboard Motor for canoe
You can get a motor mount that fits most canoes. Ottawa Valley Canoe & Kayak sell them. You could use a small 1hp. safely on your canoe. You shouldn't go faster than you can ...
by StevieG
Re: Shopping for a 16 Kevlar - Opinions?
To Brian and anyone else interested in the answers posted.... Your number 2 need is Solo handling / portaging. To get a decent answer you'll have to tell us how big you are. For Example... I'm 6' 2' ...
by cameraboy
High water nearly closes entire (Rideau) Canal
High water nearly closes entire Canal The Ottawa Citizen Wednesday, June 19, 2002 The Rideau Canal is almost entirely closed to navigation due to high water conditions brought on by abundant spring ...
by Mygirlsin
I have a kevlar canoe that was slammed against a tree in the...
I have a kevlar canoe that was slammed against a tree in the wind, crumpling and leaving a hole in the middle of the bottom. Would this be repairable, and is there somebody in the ...
by Guest
FS - Carbon fiber Canoe
For Sale - Asking $2,299 Souris River Carbon-Tec canoe - one year old Quetico 17 model 40 pounds light See further details at: If interested, please ...
by Linda2
Re: Kayak Storage
Ottawa Valley Canoe and Kayak offers winter storage and also carries affordable folding kayaks.
by RichardR
Re: Canoe trips UK
Indeed, Ottawa is almost certainly the best medium or large city in the world for a canoeist to live.
by Mirakopl
Hello out there, I'm just new to the site and had a question. I dinged up my boat in a few places on a trip to the St. Lawrence Islands. Have repaired it and ready to sand. Checked CTC for white ...
by Duckie
Re: How to repair chipped fibreglass kayak?
... n offer you advice on the repair. They can be reached at 832-2569 or on their website at ...
by David McCormack
WTB: Question on Material
In an attempt to do a little research on canoes before I buy one. I have some questions: I'm looking for a canoe that will take alot of abuse. I've been told that canoes with material mix of ...
by versoft

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