What type of paint works on "plastic" type coleman canoe?
What type of paint works on "plastic" type coleman canoe?
by Guest
Grumman 18 ft aluminium canoe
Good morning, I have a Grumman canoe that my father and I bought about 15 yrs ago. We had lofty ideas of canoeing and camping, but he became sick with cancer and, after a lengthy and painful battle, ...
by Ulster
Should a 2yr old go canoe. My ex husband took our toddler to...
should a 2yr old go canoe. My ex husband took our toddler today
by Guest
Canoe cedar strips - Machine your own vs. buying pre-machined
Apologies if this is opening up a recent thread, but I'm mulling a decision on whether to buy pre-machined bead-and-cove cedar strips or machining my own. I don't own a router or a table saw so I ...
by Mygirlsin
Which canoe can you pole and sail with?
... ning; there will be some spills. Sailing For sailing, most of the same advice applies. Look for a canoe with a straight keel line. You will need a set of lee boards to reduce the downwind side ...
by sgbotsford
Which would be easier to learn to paddle - a canoe or kayak?
Which would be easier to learn to paddle - a canoe or kayak?
by Guest
My quirky canoe/kayak storage rack
This was my long weekend project. I designed this storage rack for my boats that is also a decorative garden structure (I'm thinking of using it as a bar during parties or maybe a hammock spot). I'll ...
by kitchissippi
Guide to selling your Kayak/ Canoe
Selling your Kayak/ Canoe? There is a rule when selling any used article. 50% of original full retail price not including taxes. Most people want way to much for their used gear. But, also ...
by Sound Chaser
by Guest
I have an old kevlar black river canoe, it could use perking up in the pain...
I have an old kevlar black river canoe, it could use perking up in the paint department. I was wondering if something like Nu finish car wax would be ok. thanks for you help. Jim
by Guest
How to replace the canvas on a canoe
... friend did it when I helped him: First, he took a section of canvas about 6 feet longer than the canoe. The canvas was folded in half, and each end was nailed between two 2x4s. The 2x4s were ...
by sgbotsford
Appleby Manufacturing Canoe.
recently purchased a canoe at an estate sale. The ID plate says it was made by Appleby Mfg Co, Lebanon MO. Model 17C. I found out from talking with the relatives of the original owner, that this ...
by Jijshphan
Woodstrip canoes: Too delicate for canoe tripping?
I recently read some commentary that a fibreglass/woodstrip canoe is 'a delicate boat, fit only for a Sunday paddle on the local pond'. Since I'm thinking about building a fibreglass/woodstrip canoe, ...
by ekphron
Storing a canoe to prevent gunnel rot
Storing a canoe to prevent gunnel rot The leading cause of gunnel rot is the storage of the canoe. Don't leave it out in the weather. Debris collects in the crack between the canvas and the lip ...
by sgbotsford
Electric motor on canoe
Hi all, I'm thinking about using an electric trolling motor with my canoe (12ft, 65lb) to enhance my fishing excursions. I'd be interested in hearing the experiences of those who have employed this ...
by RichardR
I was wondering why kayak fishing is more popular than canoe...
I was wondering why kayak fishing is more popular than canoe fishing?
by Guest
Kayak vs. Canoe
Thinking about purchasing a kayak of some description....leaning towards touring, unlesss.... What about using a whitewater kayak (the Dagger Outburst is one option) for lake/river tripping in areas ...
by Hdkujrox
16' 1967 wood and canvas Chestnut canoe
I have a red 16' Chestnut canoe that we bought around 1967 in Maine. It is all original, wood and canvas. It is in very good condition. No repairs were ever made on it. It has been in storage since ...
by Vintage 16' Chestnut ...
FS - Carbon fiber Canoe
For Sale - Asking $2,299 Souris River Carbon-Tec canoe - one year old Quetico 17 model 40 pounds light See further details at: If interested, please ...
by Linda2
F.S. Sail kit for Sportspal Canoe
F.S. Sail kit including two dagger boards for a Sportspal canoe. Probably was worth $200. new, sell for $75. E-mail if you are interested
by StevieG
Canoe trips UK
Does anyone have any addresses of places in the south of England where I can do a canoe trip along a river for one or more days?
by bfoz
FS: 16 foot Kevlar Canoe
Selling 'Rockwood Outfitters' Kevlar Canoe Red 16 foot Prospector Super-Lite Kevlar, about 40 lbs Web seats Cherry wood yoke Wood gunwales Brass hardware Two years old Barely a scratch, no repairs, ...
by Hdkujrox
Canoe vs Kayak
It must be a hundred years old question, but as I m new to this., pls give ur opinion on this...., i will be mainly going solo, with frequent portages on lakes and rivers, most trips are 2-3 nights ...
by ScottPithan
I am interested in learning how to canoe/kayak safely. Have done it for fun...
I am interested in learning how to canoe/kayak safely. Have done it for fun but not used to large lakes. I live in whitby ont, any responses to <email>
by Guest
First canoe paddle
We took our new (new to us) canoe out for a paddle. Julie is quite an experienced canoeist, while it's been a long time for me, but we both had a similar view of it. Paddling a canoe in wind and ...
by Pr!nce0f4Mb3r
Plywood stitch tape canoe?
For ultra low budget canadian canoe, I've seen ply stich & tape plans on the net. Some have a butterfly design, some are cut from pointed 'planks' which fit together to make a curved bottom to the ...
by Malyashka
Canoe kayak racks????
Hi I am in the process of deciding which van to buy when i noticed that GMC and chev offer a canoe rack and kayak accessories for it. It appears to clamp to the factory installed rack. Does anyone ...
by Baranello
WHat is the best tandem whitewater canoe out there?
This may open a giant can of worms, but I'm interested to see what people think. (give your best of each) Best tandem for 1. Manoeuvrability 2. Limited Budget 3. Tripping 4. Craftsmanship 5. ...
by Malyashka
Poling a canoe? Say what?
... ple up to speed. Firstly: I'm not an expert. I've played with it a bit, but I've run into in the canoe literature several times. So most of this is links to interesting bits about it. So just ...
by sgbotsford
Is it possible to canoe/kayak from Louisville, KY to Paducah...
Is it possible to canoe/kayak from Louisville, KY to Paducah, KY? How long would such an adventure take to complete?
by Guest
Looking for a yellow 18 ft blue hole canoe
I am looking for a 1979 18 foot Blue Hole canoe with yellow outside and green inside, two black seats and aluminum gunnels. looking to buy cheap to replace a lost family treasure destroyed by someone ...
by Ryan379
Solo paddle for 14 canoe?
I've been going solo in a 14' open canoe for a couple of years now. In high wind or waves, I paddle on knee pads located just behind the center thwart. I still use my old stern paddle from before. In ...
by scott712
Fiberglass Canoe repair and paint ?
I have an old Core Craft brand fiberglass canoe. It has several minor cracks on the out side surface. The original colour is faded and flat. I would like to have some bodywork and new paint applied. ...
by versoft
LF: fishing canoe 12 to 14 feet
Looking for anyone who plans to sell a canoe next few months. Primary use - solo fishing. Secondary use pair fishing. No whitewater requirements expected. Lightweight for solo cartopping & tent ...
by Scronty
Canoe Accident info....
Hello, Just came back from a canoe trup in algonquin park and had a horrible accident..our car flipped over and destroyed two rented canoes, luckily no one was hurt...but our canoes were destroyed. ...
by masterstroy
Canoe plans
Hi Guys - please forgive me butting in but I'd like to build a wooden canoe similar to those used in Canada. Can any good person point me in the direction of a source of plans please? Many thanks ...
by Jim Davis
First time canoe building
I've been getting messages from outerspace telling me I need a canoe on top of my car. We have a small lake nearby, between school, where I work as a teacher, and home. It would be a lot of fun to ...
by swedepu
LF - Flat back canoe
a friend of mine is looking for one of those flat back canoes. If you have one let me know and I will pass it along.
by gluxarewers
Want 1 (old)-man canoe
At 80 I want to sell my motorcycle and buy like a 13-foot Coleman or other light but durable canoe. Live near a great river. No kayaking experience, but might that be the route to go? :huh:
by donald
Price for canoe???
hello. I have a 1960 19 foot Aluminum Grumman Canoe. It has a 4' beam. I'm planning on selling it but have absolutely no idea what it's worth. It also has a straight stern for mounting a motor. I ...
by Jim Davis

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