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How much is _____ worth? by Daniel
There are many prospective sellers and buyers post asking about how much a 2 year old this or a10 year old that is worth. First the value of a used item is often greater to the current owner than the item's market value or the item's value to ...
Thank you my brother-in-law by Daniel
Living in a second floor walk up in a metropolitan area always made storing kayaks a challenge. In the beginning they lived in car racks in the parking lot for several months . My brother-in-law, living in a ranch style home on a 1/3 acre fenced ...

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Chad from fayetteville. Do you think that 12’ appalachian fiberglass would be good for the New? I wasnt sure if the length was too much. Goto solar fest at Cantrells this July. Zave
by Zave - 18 hours ago
Looking for a used Mad River Serenade FGX canoe (hybrid), northeast USA.
by Guest - 5 days ago
Just bought one with a missing rudder for 250.
by Andy - 1 week ago
I have a green walden spirit tandem kayak for sale - located in Aston, PA.- with oars, all 3 seats, and cover - not sure of year. Jose
by Guest - 1 week ago
I want to sell my 2016 12 foot Hobie kayak. Great condition. What should I ask?
by Guest - 1 week ago
What’s your location? Are you able to ship this boat?
by Jay - 2 weeks ago
Is this a poke boat or pole boat? Where are you located?
by Jay - 2 weeks ago

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