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What is your stand on standard life jacket vs inflatable? It seems to me that the inflatable would be more comfortable, but I hardly see anyone wearing time. Why is this?

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As a Traditional Kayaker (Greenland)I wear the inflatable under my Tuilik at events to comply with the ACA rules but giving my the traditional look of not wearing one. The reason is because the Tuilik alone provides boyancy but doesnt legaly qualify as a PFD. The inflatable is transparant and I hardly feel it. This is the only time I wear one. In Greenland Kayaking Rolling is the only meathod of self rescue (No wet exits) It is also easier to roll a greenland skin on frame than a euro style sea kayak.Therefore I'm not out of the boat ever. If I'm touring, or on a day paddle I wear my Regular PFD (even in my Skin on frame) It's safer,provides instant floatation, were as the inflatable doesnt unless I inflate it. (What happens if I'm rendered unconsious) Also my touring jacket provides me places to store my radio,camera ect.Personally I find my jacket comfortable. So my opinion would be for the regular PFD (Unless your a Greenland Roller wearing a Tuilik) They are much safer.

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I second Jules comments.
Normally you have to be concious (spelling??) to activate an inflatable life vest.

Traditional Kayak PFDs give you lots of places to put stuff that you will need or want to have nearby.

The trick is to try on many PFDs till you find one that is comfortable and fits you well or can be adjusted to fit you well.


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I wear my inflatable life jacket for rowing with sliding seat because a traditional jacket gets in the way of the oars and motion. I feel so much safer with my traditional kayak PFD for paddling and canoeing that it has never occurred to me to use the inflatable.

But, I've just recently purchased an Alpaca Packraft for a combination backpacking/paddling trip and am considering which to use on that.

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