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I'm looking for advice about buying a used kayak. Are there things to watch out for. What I am concerned about is the condition / shape of the plastic / poly. Does it weaken, get soft, get brittle over time? What should I be looking for when I look at a used kayak?

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I checked out this site http://eartheasy.com/kayakpage.htm and found this list of tips:

Buying a Used Kayak

    Wash down kayak inside and out. Sand, dirt and leaves can conceal cracks and flaws.

    Check gaskets on hatches. Spray with a hose to check for watertightness.

    Look for corrosion of bolts which fasten down deck fittings. They can be replaced with stainless. Cover inside ends with shoe goo or silicone to keep them from gouging your gear.

    Elastic deck lines deteriorate with age and exposure to sun. They may need replacing.

    The grab loop cords at bow and stern may also need replacing.

    Gouges and surface cracks can be repaired easily with epoxy or gelcoat repair kits. Surface shine can be restored with marine wax.

    Indentations in polyethylene hulls can be smoothed out with gradually applied weights and a steady heat source, such as a hair drier.

    Check cockpit coaming for cracks and jagged edges. These can and should be repaired with epoxy or a fiberglass repair kit.

    Look for worn or frayed cables if kayak has a rudder. Check mechanical parts and fastenings.

    It's best if the kayak is made by a manufacturer still in business. Replacement parts and feature upgrades will be easier to get.
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Hydrabadchick pretty much summed it up!!

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Hi guys, I just wanted to share my latest scoop on the Internet with fellow kayaking enthusiasts, and maybe this can be helpful for you
I was browsing online, and found this cool new website doing market analysis and price reports on used goods online, and they had a blog post http://www.statricks.com/blog/renting-vs-buying-what- makes-the-most-sense-part-1.html about renting vs buying kayaks. This post had a lot of great tips for a new beginner enthusiast like myself, and I also signed up on their site so I can use it to check prices and compare sellers (or to new products). I’m planning on a kayaking trip to Gold Lake, Graeagle CA later this summer with friends who’s been “kayakers” for many years, and the blog post I’m referring to gave me some good pointers on how to finally make a good deal on my kayak.

Hope this can be useful for others!


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