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Planning a route by sgbotsford
You're bored with weekend trips You know all the ones within reasonable driving distance. You did a guided trip on the Churchill one year, but now you want to go it on your own. You want to feel like the voyageurs of old. But... You *do* have commitments, and have only a certain amount of time. How do you figure out how long a route will take? Here's a bunch of rules of thumb that I've ...

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We have recently received a DMCA notice for one of our sites to take down content posted by users. As a result, we have decided to remind everyone that vio
by admin - 2 days ago
We have 2 14 ft daggers in excellent condition with paddles. One hatch in the back. 10 years old limited use. Don't know how much to charge.
by Guest - 8 hours ago
Great post! This reminds me of a trip I did two years ago to Nepal. We went riverboarding down the Sun Kosi for the first time and had to scout a few of the rapids. We thought we had it ...
by Vale - 17 hours ago
This is a voyaguer style canoe, nominally 22 feet long by 48" beam. It comes with 5 seats. In normal use the steersman sits on the stern plate, and uses a 72 or 78" paddle. (Grey Owl, ...
by sgbotsford - 1 day ago
Nope, toxic chemicals doesn't sound like the way I'd go! Thanks for the info!!
by Vale - 1 day ago
Once you have repaired the crack, does it tend to hold, or is there a good chance you will have to fix it again?
by Vale - 1 day ago
Bad idea IMHO. 1. Bed liners go on thick. Thick means heavy. Consider: A canoe has about 50 square feet of area. If the bed liner is 1/16" thick that's roughly 2 gallons. At 10 lbs or ...
by sgbotsford - 2 days ago
Thanks for the reply. I am still on the hunt for the perfect canoe. The reason for my original inquiry is, I know they do exist....somewhere...maybe it was a six seater, can't recall,my ...
by Russell - 2 days ago
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