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Thank you my brother-in-law by Daniel
Living in a second floor walk up in a metropolitan area always made storing kayaks a challenge. In the beginning they lived in car racks in the parking lot for several months . My brother-in-law, living in a ranch style home on a 1/3 acre fenced ...
Which is tippier canoes or kayaks? by Daniel
Disaster on the Lake!
As Sound Chaser says: each evolved to solve specific needs and address specific problems. Each specific need resulted in a design with specific characteristics that met the need. There is no one universal answer to the question "Do canoes or ...
Canoes vs. Kayaks by Daniel

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length 11'-9", width 36", very lightweight, included: flotation cushion, life jacket, single-to-double convertible paddle, foam block car top carriers, inflatable flotation bladder, ...
by Poking Around - 16 hours ago
Based on the skeg deployment, it looks like a MK1. These were the earlier models, starting around 2008. It uses the corelight plastic, but is a little heavier that the current model. I got ...
by Abel - 4 days ago
I recently tried out a 15 ft. Appleby aluminum canoe and it seemed very unstable. Anyone have any experience with this?
by Guest - 1 week ago
Hi Mr. Glen, I hope to build a storage for my cedar strip, skin on frame and lumber storage next spring. Chris on Churchill near the beach.
by Chris - 1 week ago
Hi I'm new here , can't wait to use my old ,new kayak
by Oldplastic - 2 weeks ago
Hi , I know is early but I'm looking for kayakers in Toronto West End .
by Oldplastic - 2 weeks ago
I read that 12 feet is the recommended minimum, but I suppose 10 would be ok as you said!
by Vale - 3 weeks ago

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