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Poling a canoe? Say what? by sgbotsford
When Vale commented earlier that she had never heard of poling I realized that I needed to get people up to speed. Firstly: I'm not an expert. I've played with it a bit, but I've run into in the canoe literature several times. So most of this ...
Which canoe can you pole and sail with? by sgbotsford
Credit for this post goes to sgbotsford. Poling Hmm. Going out on a limb here as I don't have much poling experience. Since poling is done from a standing position, one concern is primary stability. I think having a fairly straight keel line ...

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Hello Honeybadger I have a Pelican escape 100, its 10 feet long and 28 inches wide, and a large cockpit. It looks very similar to your Dirigo 106. For the past 3 years I mostly stayed on ...
by outtolunch42 - 1 day ago
Hi, would like to paddle sometime in 2015 with you. I just posted an entry as a guest. If you wish and if you are a good detective, you may reach me personally via raneestein at that site ...
by raneestein - 1 day ago
Am seeking a Kayaking partner for Almost any Northern Alaskan river in 2015 or in 2016. Anyone know of anyone interested ?? I am a experienced wilderness traveler,have survival and wild ...
by Guest - 1 day ago
I decided against it for now. Don't want to mess with the "force" during the holiday season. Plus I haven't told my wife yet about the Dagger Sojourner in the garage :shocked:
by Paddler - 2 days ago
Any one looking for a Liquid logic trigger kayak got one for sale fab condition
by Bex - 2 days ago
Im new on this forum and relativley new to kayaking. I am looking for places to go in the Durham area, i beleive this location has just went to the top of my list for next season. thanks
by Honeybadger - 3 days ago
Hi Honeybadger. Welcome. Do some searches in the forums; there are a number of threads about and/or involving Durham paddling and paddlers, discussions of flat-water places to go, put-ins ...
by MRD - 3 days ago
Includes bladdes, foot rests, seat back. 12' long. Has not been used in many years. A hip replacement now dictates selling my toys. $600. <email> ...
by ssohni - 6 days ago
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