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Thank you my brother-in-law by Daniel
Living in a second floor walk up in a metropolitan area always made storing kayaks a challenge. In the beginning they lived in car racks in the parking lot for several months . My brother-in-law, living in a ranch style home on a 1/3 acre fenced ...
Which is tippier canoes or kayaks? by Daniel
Disaster on the Lake!
As Sound Chaser says: each evolved to solve specific needs and address specific problems. Each specific need resulted in a design with specific characteristics that met the need. There is no one universal answer to the question "Do canoes or ...
Canoes vs. Kayaks by Daniel

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Due to a system maintenance our site will be down for about fifteen minutes starting on Saturday, March 25 at 23:30:00 PDT. If you want to see the time on your timezone, you can check
by admin - 1 day ago
In 2009, Tyler Bradt broke the world record for highest waterfall descent on a kayak. Which waterfall did he plunge down and how his was it?
by Vale - 2 days ago
A friend bought two kayaks around 2008 at a end of season sale at a local kayak shop. Both are Eddyline, one is 17.5, the other appears to be a couple feet shorter. Neither have been used ...
by Guest - 6 days ago
What is the name of the gorge that separates Zimbabwe from Zambia and has some of the world's best class IV and V rapids? A. Bogata B. Bokata C. Batata D. Bakota E. Batoka
by Vale - 1 week ago
Thank you for the reply. That makes sense based on my knowledge of the boat's history. I haven't tried to roll it yet. Didn't have water tight skirt. And probably won't surf it ever. It ...
by Ken - 1 week ago
Oops. I looked closer and this is a DH2 or Salmon
by Bryan Ibach - 1 week ago

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