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What Do You Need for Kayak Camping? by MRD
Someone asked recently on the forums here about kayak camping with their 10-foot boat. While I am sure it is doable for some, I have done a fair bit of kayak camping and for me, I find a 14-foot or 14.5-foot boat to be as small a boat as I would ...
Poling a canoe? Say what? by sgbotsford
When Vale commented earlier that she had never heard of poling I realized that I needed to get people up to speed. Firstly: I'm not an expert. I've played with it a bit, but I've run into in the canoe literature several times. So most of this ...

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I am a newbie to this and in love with it I found the Pungo 120 towork for me very stable ride and a lot of fun just do your reaserch and keep on paddling good luck and have fun
by DGM - 1 day ago
Have you had a unique experience that you'd like to share? Or, maybe you've been doing some research and you feel that it could help other users? Whatever it is, why not write a blog about ...
by Vale - 2 days ago
It was great meeting you and other local paddlers. I took a quick glance at the river in town and it's starting to melt (just hope it completely melts soon. :)
by Stu_Hons - 2 days ago
It looks absolutely great.
by jade - 2 days ago
Thanks for sharing this inspiring trip report and your beautiful photos. This is definitely a trip to add to the paddling bucket list.
by MRD - 3 days ago
So ... how was the trip, and what boat did you end up taking?
by MRD - 3 days ago
What an interesting and informative post, Paul. I don't fish, but after reading this I can see that, as with any hobby, knowledge and learning and perfecting technique would certainly ...
by MRD - 3 days ago
The specified link appears to be inactive ... responding to remove this post from the "Unanswered Questions" list.
by MRD - 3 days ago
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