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Thank you my brother-in-law by Daniel
Living in a second floor walk up in a metropolitan area always made storing kayaks a challenge. In the beginning they lived in car racks in the parking lot for several months . My brother-in-law, living in a ranch style home on a 1/3 acre fenced ...
Which is tippier canoes or kayaks? by Daniel
Disaster on the Lake!
As Sound Chaser says: each evolved to solve specific needs and address specific problems. Each specific need resulted in a design with specific characteristics that met the need. There is no one universal answer to the question "Do canoes or ...
Canoes vs. Kayaks by Daniel

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Where can I buy a tandem ocean kayak in Long Island, New York
by Guest - 1 day ago
What Is A Fair Price For A Used Perception Carolina 14.5 Fiberglass
by Guest - 4 days ago
What is a reasonably priced for a 2006 wilderness carolina tandem kayak
by Guest - 4 days ago
The Inuits and other native people stitch these materials together over a frame made of wood.
by Marra M - 4 days ago
Value of a Perception Swifty 9.5' kayak it's a single in fair condition
by Guest - 4 days ago
My recommendation would be to make sure the child has some water experience (i.e. swum in a pool and have put their head under water) and has a life jacket that fits well and will keep ...
by Vale - 4 days ago

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