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Poling a canoe? Say what? by sgbotsford
When Vale commented earlier that she had never heard of poling I realized that I needed to get people up to speed. Firstly: I'm not an expert. I've played with it a bit, but I've run into in the canoe literature several times. So most of this is links to interesting bits about it. So just what is poling? Simple: Using a pole planted on the bottom/rocks instead of a paddle. You're ...

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A "permanent" link to this annual event seems to be: The Jersey Paddler's "Paddlesport Show"
by MRD - 1 day ago
This sounds like a fun day trip. I'll have to add it to my list of new paddle destinations to try. I've paddled the lower Humber a few times, between Kings Mill Park near the Old Mill Inn ...
by MRD - 3 days ago
Though reviews seem somewhat mixed, the one place that keeps popping up at the top of all the searches is Seaspray Kayaking.
by MRD - 4 days ago
Some links to Dumont Clear Creek flow data: RiverBrain - Clear Creek - Dumont
by MRD - 4 days ago
Hey, TooTall, I see it's been four years since this post. So ... what other such trips did you end up doing since then, and what were they like?
by MRD - 4 days ago
In case the lack of response to this post has been because the location wasn't mentioned and/or the relevance of "massage questions" was unclear, the author's profile states that she is a ...
by MRD - 4 days ago
Here are some links to articles on this topic, including one specifically related to the Yukon River Quest: What to eat during marath
by MRD - 5 days ago
Thanks GB, a Maxi it is. Pictures can be misleading from certain angles.
by pandakita - 5 days ago
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