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How to replace the canvas on a canoe by sgbotsford
Where to buy the canvas In Edmonton, you can buy wide canvas from Norseman Tent & Awning -- a joint company with Camper's Village. Any company that makes outfitter's tents should be able to sell you canvas. Note that you want uncoated canvas -- no water proofing. Applying the canvas is tricky. This is how my friend did it when I helped him: First, he took a section of canvas about 6 ...

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In canada kijiji.ca with sites for various cities. Online classifieds. E.g. edmonton.kijiji.ca for city of Edmonton.
by sgbotsford - 6 hours ago
Awesome, thanks! I'll check it out when I get home today.
by MotoFly - 17 hours ago
It has more to do with the beam width and the hull shape. Without specifying the hull shape and beam width there is little basis for comparing or answering the question. Go for a 24-30 ...
by Daniel - 1 day ago
I must say I wasn't thinking about anything more than a day trip ;)
by jade - 1 day ago
Just got back from 4 days of kayak camping in the Algonquin Park backcountry. The water was cold but the days were hot and the nights were mild and starry. The leaves are just barely, but ...
by MRD - 1 day ago
With your budget, you are going to be stuck. I don't think there is anything suitable. So go used. Check out kijiji and craigslist (A given city one will usually dominate) Both have ...
by sgbotsford - 2 days ago
I tend to be suspicious when I hear about something made in China. Do you think it is only a price difference and there is no major quality difference?
by jade - 3 days ago
I'm trying to locate a core craft president 17, triple keel fiberglass canoe. anybody have any info?
by Guest - 3 days ago
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