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What Do You Need for Kayak Camping? by MRD
Someone asked recently on the forums here about kayak camping with their 10-foot boat. While I am sure it is doable for some, I have done a fair bit of kayak camping and for me, I find a 14-foot or 14.5-foot boat to be as small a boat as I would ...
Poling a canoe? Say what? by sgbotsford
When Vale commented earlier that she had never heard of poling I realized that I needed to get people up to speed. Firstly: I'm not an expert. I've played with it a bit, but I've run into in the canoe literature several times. So most of this ...

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Due to a system maintenance our site will be down for about fifteen minutes starting on Saturday, April 18 at 23:00:00 PDT. If you want to see the time on your timezone, you can ...
by admin - 13 hours ago
Kathy, I totally blanked on the marathon. My errand Monday is west of I-495, and being accustomed to far less traffic here in Maine, I'll opt for another opportunity to meet up, perhaps ...
by slowpokeinmaine - 1 hour ago
The boat is a bit wide for me but I wanted to know if I can learn to roll using a boat like this? I'm a small woman 'bout a hundred pounds. The boat has thigh braces, rudder and is plastic. ...
by OceanKayaker4321 - 20 hours ago
We just goto Cavan they have a list of the people that have registered so we just check in. Stu
by Stu_Hons - 1 day ago
I have the same situation with this kayak. No related information on google. It hase similar stile " seat on top" like your pictures. ...
by Juan C Mato - 2 days ago
The link as provided didn't work, but I found a listing on Craigslist for a seatless kayak matching your description, for $300. And a seat is what, another $40? So, you'd be saving about ...
by MRD - 2 days ago
What is a perception prism used worth? Great condition and customized for fishing.
by Guest - 6 days ago
Nice....The way this weather is going the water levels will be up in no time. Stu
by Stu_Hons - 1 week ago
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