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Back Wallingford Mine. by auntierain
Last September my daughter-in-law took me to the Back Wallingford Mine. This abandoned valspar mine is located in Quebec about an hour from Ottawa. We were there in September and the scenery and colours were beautiful. We climbed up and over the mine collecting rocks and explored the tunnels that look down into the underwater lake and then put the kayaks in and went for a little paddle. There are about 3 chambers in the mine, two of them are big and have open areas in the ceiling and on ...
The Elie 140 XE by Sound Chaser

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Goto www.cobourginternet.com and goto pictures
by Stu_Hons - 13 hours ago
12' Poke Boat for sale $425 I'm not sure of the model or vintage. I'm including a photo of the serial # if anyone cares to research. Weighs 31 lbs. Includes 2 flotation bags and a ...
by ctcentral - 1 day ago
I haven't found one either. Also bought an NRS large that is too narrow. I'm debating either trying to make one (a lot of work), or modifying the NRS one.
by Dave R - 2 days ago
Hello Anne Welcome to mykayakingbuddies. I live in Oshawa, and there are other kayakers in the Durham Region to kayak with. Buying your first kayak is a hard thing to do. I agree with ...
by outtolunch42 - 2 days ago
Now that you mentioned it...mine flap sometimes..
by Stu_Hons - 2 days ago
I recently came under ownership of a old, I think, 1980's maki poke boat/kayak and a **** held whitewater kayak from 1970ish I think. They are both fiberglass. The poke is in pretty good ...
by Jess - 4 days ago
My castine old town kayak 12'9" 5 years old what is it worth now used? I also have an adventure xl used kayak what is that worth?
by Guest - 5 days ago
I can't say I only do sane things but you wouldn't catch me doing it either ;)
by jade - 1 week ago
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