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Thank you my brother-in-law by Daniel
Living in a second floor walk up in a metropolitan area always made storing kayaks a challenge. In the beginning they lived in car racks in the parking lot for several months . My brother-in-law, living in a ranch style home on a 1/3 acre fenced ...
Which is tippier canoes or kayaks? by Daniel
Disaster on the Lake!
As Sound Chaser says: each evolved to solve specific needs and address specific problems. Each specific need resulted in a design with specific characteristics that met the need. There is no one universal answer to the question "Do canoes or ...
Canoes vs. Kayaks by Daniel

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My reply disappeared! An old age problem I'm sure. Let me know when you are ready to part with one or both. I need another kayak like I need a hole in the head. However, I can seldom ...
by Slowpokeinmaine - 2 days ago
I have 2 micro poke boats I just "inherited" and may want to sell one or both- I am located in New Haven, CT. They are super light and I totally could see them being used in a pond or ...
by eemich10 - 3 days ago
Are you still looking for a kayak? We have a red Old Town 138 Loon for sale and are asking $375.00. Can't post a photo right now but could do so tomorrow. Live in CT
by chipper - 3 days ago
I have a used, in really good shape Old Town Nantucket kayak with rudder and dolly. What is it worth?
by Guest - 1 week ago
I am in search of a used poke boat. I live is Southern Illinois and am willing to drive. Also have a buddy in Atlanta area willing to pick up as well.
by Jwalker2 - 1 week ago
@Shreck :) I am curious, what kind of triathlon shorts gives you that much padding to avoid getting aches and pains while spending a whole lot of time to do all of the activities that ...
by Marra M - 1 week ago
it it all 13 foot? how much are you asking for
by mystic - 1 week ago

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