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REVIEW: Old Town NEXT Canoe / Kayak Hybrid by MRD
I love backcountry camping, whether it's by hiking and backpacking, snowshoeing while pulling a pulk sled, or paddling and portaging my way into the wilderness. And when paddle camping, I favour a kayak over a canoe for its stability, its ...
On the Topic of Rudders by MRD
Someone in the market for a new kayak recently posed to the forum here the frequent kayak question, "rudder or no rudder?" Personally, I like having a rudder on my sea kayak, even though I rarely use it as a mostly flat-water paddler. But in ...
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But what really had me enthralled today were the muskrats and beavers. I encountered two swimming muskrats and at least three, maybe four different beavers on my paddle tonight. The muskrat ...
by MRD - 6 hours ago
We dropped our Walden Paddler kayak and made a 6 inch crack in the bottom. What is the best material to repair said crack? Margaret
by Guest - 17 hours ago
Here are some photos from McLaughlin Bay showing the access point inside Darlington Provincial Park, and highlighting the narrow sand / gravel beach separating the bay from Lake Ontario. ...
by MRD - 17 hours ago
:-) BTW on the new top bar layout you can know if you're signed in or not by the type of icon seen on the top right ("bars" for members and "profile" for guests).
by admin - 18 hours ago
I missed your original post, wish I would have seen it, your pictures looked like a great time. Would love to come one time when we could get our schedules together. But I,m a total newbie ...
by Sandyw - 1 day ago
Very old post - sold it over a year ago. Sorry. Thought I had removed it.
by Sf - 2 days ago
This is an old posting. Is the boat still available? Keith
by IdahoKeith - 2 days ago
Wish I could go. Have a great paddle.
by mgpierog - 4 days ago
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